Dispensing Pumps – High Output

The new Classic IV High Output 3.5 cc to 4 cc dispensing pumps are manufactured and assembled to your specifications ! These outstanding pumps feature a cosmetically appealing, ergonomic head design with a superior locking mechanism and proven reliability in all standard finishes from 28 mm to 120 mm.

Ease of priming and the ability to dispense a wide range of viscosities make these pumps the perfect choice for body washes, hand cleaners, shampoos, cleaning chemicals, food and flavoring products, animal products, creams, lotions, and thousands of other products.

The Classic IV High output dispensing pumps can be special ordered with options to handle super high viscosity products, pumice, or even a higher 8 cc output.

Even though each pump is custom built for you, most small orders can ship within days – custom built quality pumps with the fastest lead time in the industry!

Finishes: * Dip Tube Length:
28-400 9.85″ DTL
28-410 11.00″DTL
33/400 12.00″ DTL
38/400 – 38/430 Buttress DTL To size
43/400 – 45/400 – 48/400 MTO only
53/400 – 58/40 MTO only
63/400 MTO only
70/400 DTL to size
 89/400 DTL To size
100/400 – 110/400 – 120/400 MTO only


Need a dispensing pump with a lower output for fine cosmetics? Check out our Dewdrip cosmetic style treatment pumps.

Our Classic IV series 3.5 cc and 4.0 cc high output dispensing pumps set the standard for the most cosmetically appealing high output pump on the market. Since they are assembled in our own facility here in the USA, we can make the smallest production runs and deliver them to you faster than anyone in the industry.

Our Ultra series 30 cc (1 oz) Ultra high output dispensing pumps are built tough, but have the lowest force to actuate of any other ultra high output dispensing pumps making them the #1 choice for both consumer and industrial packaging. Our facility here in the USA can assemble small custom runs on these pumps faster than anyone else in the industry.